Team Highlights

September,1996 -1st Game vs Iowa State University, at Ames, IA
October, 1996 -1st League win vs. Lakers
1999 Spring – 1st Playoff game win vs. Minneapolis Kodiaks
2001 Spring -1st Playoff series win vs reigning National Champion Lakers
2002 Fall-1st Game at the Rec. Center, Rochester
2004 Spring-2nd Place in MJHL, 1st Nat. Tournament
2004 Spring-National Tournament- Bronze Medalists
2005 Spring-1st MnJHL Title, 1st Bush Cup Champions, 2nd Nat. Tournament
2006 Spring-2nd MnJHL Title, 2nd Bush Cup Champions, 3rd Nat. Tournament
2006 Spring-National Tournament-2nd Bronze Medalists
2007 Spring -3rd MnJHL Title, 3rd Bush Cup Champions, 4th Nat. Tournament
2008 Spring-4th MnJHL Title, 4th Bush Cup Champions, 5th Nat. Tournament
2009 Spring-2nd place MnJHL, 5th Bush Cup Champions, 6th Nat. Tournament
December 2009 –MnJHL Showcase

Tournament Champions
2010 Spring-5th MnJHL Title, 6th Bush Cup Champions, 7th Nat. Tournament
2010 Spring-National Tournament- 3rd Bronze Medalists
December 2010-2nd MnJHL Showcase Championship
2011 Spring-Host USAH Jr. A Nat Championship at Rec. Center, Rochester
April 1, 2011-1st Game- National Champ vs Helena Bighorns played before 2,600+at Rec. Center
April, 2012-USAH National Tournament- 4th Bronze Medalist
June, 2015- Ice Hawks join NA3HL
Sept. 2015- Ice Hawks Celebrate their 20th Anniversary in Junior Hockey

 Coach- Assistant(s)
1996-97 Mike Cole (to Jan. 97)  Josh Leal, Nick Fatis
1997-98 Josh Leal Nick Fatis
1998-99 Josh Leal Nick Fatis & Karsten Backlund
1999-00 Josh Leal Nick Fatis
2000-01 Nick Fatis Corey DuBois, Justin Bowder
2001-02 Nick Fatis Corey DuBois
2002-03 Nick Fatis Jimmy Borden & Tom McDermott
2003-04 Nick Fatis & Tom McDermott Jimmy Borden
2004-05 Nick Fatis & Tom McDermott Jimmy Borden
2005-06 Nick Fatis & Tom McDermott Jimmy Borden
2006-07 Nick Fatis Corey Dubois
2007-08 Nick Fatis Corey Dubois
2008-09 Nick Fatis Corey Dubois & Bob Montrose
2009-10 Nick Fatis Corey Dubois, Bob Montrose & Eric Hofmann
2010-11 Nick Fatis Corey Dubois, Bob Montrose & Jayson Peterson
2011-12 Nick Fatis Corey Dubois, Jayson Peterson & Todd McIlrath
2012-13 Nick Fatis Todd McIlrath, Corey Dubois & Jayson Peterson
2013-14 Nick Fatis Eric Hofmann, Corey Dubois, Jayson Peterson, Justin Bowder
2014-15 Nick Fatis, Eric Hofmann,Corey Dubois, Justin Bowder
2015-16 Nick Fatis, Eric Hofmann, Vinnie Susi, Justin Bowder

GM/President • 1996-present Michael Fatis
Home Arena
1996-97 to 2001-02
LeSueur Community Center, LeSueur, MN
2002-03 to present
Rochester Olmsted Recreation Center • Rochester, MN